The No Nonsense Guide to Surviving the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

Learn to Enjoy the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

The anticipation of waiting for a new baby can be hard to handle during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Your body will have gone through so many changes that every little twinge, gurgle and bump coming from inside makes you think that this could be the first signs that the baby is coming. Unfortunately, rather than enjoying the last few weeks, many women are stressed, anxious and more uncomfortable than they really need to be. Here are some no nonsense suggestions on how to survive the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Rest and Relax
You’ve heard it before – that you should rest now before the baby comes because there will be little time for rest after the baby arrives. The last few weeks of pregnancy truly are a time to rest; despite how uncomfortable you may be feeling. You’re carrying around so much extra weight and fluid that even the simplest tasks are difficult. Rest, and let people help you. Take up offers of help from family and friends.

Look for Diversions
Instead of dwelling on how tired, sore or uncomfortable you are, look for ways to distract yourself. Shop for baby clothes online, chat with friends, read a good book, take warm baths, catch up on your favorite movies or work on your baby name list. Read up on what to expect during the first few weeks of dealing with the baby and make sure you have everything you need on hand. Don’t let the stress or anxiety of waiting wear you down.

Get Organized
Many women feel a surge of energy during the last few weeks of their pregnancy that allows them to get things done around the house in anticipation for the baby’s arrival. Known as “nesting” this energy can be put to good use, as long as you don’t over exert yourself. Get the nursery organized, wash the newly purchased baby clothes, pack your hospital bag and make some meals ahead of time and freeze them for the nights you have no time or energy to cook dinner.

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