Stress Busting Strategies for Super Moms

Whether you’re dealing with “new mom” stress or just feeling overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities of motherhood, you need a stress management plan to keep yourself in good health ““ and good spirits. Many busy moms feel frazzled and stressed out when the kids are screaming, the to-do list isn’t getting smaller, and the days just seem to be flying by. Knowing how to slow down and taking a break can help you get a better handle on your life.

Here are some of the best stress busting strategies for any super mom:

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Super Mom Tip: Work Out Early in the Morning

Working out might be the least important thing on your to-do list but making an effort to sweat things out in the morning can reduce stress and also give your mood a boost. Even a quick 20-minute cardio workout or a circuit training routine can be enough to sweat out stress and help you get through that busy day with ease.

Super Mom Tip: Look at Your Schedule the Night Before

Don’t wait until the beginning of the day to figure out whether you need to be running to an appointment, taking care of errands, or working extra. Review your schedule the night before so you have a basic game plan in mind ““ well before the day begins.

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