5 Summer Maternity Clothes Fashion Must-Haves

Summer Maternity Clothes #3: Wide-Leg Pants

Stick with a pair of pants with a drawstring or elastic waist so you can wear them for a few months this summer. Wide-leg pants made with lightweight canvas, cotton, or linen materials are a great match for those days when you just don’t feel like wearing a dress or skirt. Try something like Lightweight Boot Cut Maternity Pants in a natural shade this season.

Summer Maternity Clothes #4: Empire Maternity Blouse

Empire waists are the best match for moms-to-be in their second or third trimester. Empire waist blouses made with lightweight materials and a v-neck cut are easy to layer with a slimming tank underneath and you can take your pick of bold prints and vibrant colors this season. Try something like a Maternity Blouse made with a light chiffon material. It’s an ideal layering piece and is designed with an exotic print and colorful border.

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Summer Maternity Clothes #5: Full-Length Striped Skirt

Stripes are one of the hottest trends for the season and you can find plenty of summer maternity clothes with horizontal, vertical, or zig-zag stripes. Try a full-length striped skirt to add a modern twist to any summertime ensemble. A black and white striped skirt paired with a simple white ruffled blouse is a great match for casual days at the office or semi-formal events this season.

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