5 Steps For Your Dental Health And A Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Mouth Healthy Baby

Do as I say, not as I do, in this case, unfortunately.  Yep, I’m going to completely throw myself under the bus here. I did not get in for a cleaning right away upon finding out I was pregnant. I certainly didn’t floss daily. And lastly, I went through the trauma of having a tooth pulled in my second trimester. Which did in fact, require X-rays. Do know, should you have a dental emergency like I did, there are safe drugs you can be given as they perform whatever procedure must be done. This required me getting a doctor’s note from my OB/GYN with procedure and drug specifics and presenting it to my dentist pre-procedure. Let’s just say, it is best not to get yourself in such a situation in the first place.

Decide you’re ready to try for a baby? Get to the dentist and get that mouth of yours in order before you get that positive pregnancy test. Here’s why… Elevated estrogen and progesterone cause pregnant women to be more sensitive to effects of bacterial dental plaque which can cause:

1) Cause of gingivitis

2) Oral infection

Looking for signs of such unfortunate dental conditions? Bleeding and swollen gums are a dead giveaway.

To keep your pregnant little mouth healthy, you should:

1. Brush and floss twice daily.

2. See your dentist/hygienist early in pregnancy to discuss any issues, and have a cleaning.

3. Avoid x-rays if at all possible.

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