What To Do With a Teething Baby

Pearly Whites by the Age of Three

By the time you child is three years old, he’ll have a bright smile of pearly whites – but for those first 36 months, he’ll be doing all the hard work of growing those chompers. A child’s teeth don’t all come in at once, and the process of getting them can irritate his sensitive gums. If your baby is teething, how can you help relieve his discomfort? And what’s normal during this development milestone?

Most babies will get their first tooth between four and seven months of age, notes BabyCenter, a momentous occasion you can mark down in the baby book. Over the next two and a half years, teeth will continue to emerge, pushing one another around to make room. But don’t fret if your little one’s teeth don’t grow in straight – this set of chompers will fall out by early adolescence. The next set is the one that may require braces.

While your little one is developing that pretty smile, he’ll likely want to chew on anything he can find – a process parents call “teething.” To keep him from chowing down on something dangerous, there are dozens of teething toys and rings available designed specifically for babies’ gums.

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