What Causes Baby Acne?

You may have thought that acne was solely the scourge of teenagers, but in fact this irritating skin condition can pop up at almost any time throughout your life. As you may have recently discovered, it can affect pregnant women – and it can also affect babies! What could cause your sweet little one to suffer a breakout you thought was reserved for adolescence?

No one's quite sure what causes infant acne. Some babies suffer breakouts when their skin comes into contact with fabric washed in strong detergents, spit-up milk or even a parent's hands, notes BabyCenter. Others are born with whiteheads and red spots. Some experts believe that a mother's fluctuating hormones before she gives birth could even lead to skin problems in newborns.

Although no one is sure what causes this common condition, experts agree it's nothing to be overly concerned about.

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