Don’t Lay Down – Try These Childbirth Positions

When I took my childbirth class, I was surprised how different childbirth positions can help make labor  easier. I guess I just assumed I would spend much of my labor on my back, as is depicted on most television shows and in movies. But laying on your back is actually one of the more difficult childbirth positions.

Surprised? Read on for more insight into childbirth positions that can make your labor less of a labor.

Discover the best childbirth positions


This position, which is exactly as it sounds, uses gravity to help the baby descend through the pelvis. It can also open up the pelvis, making delivery easier as well. Try squatting on a birthing ball or on the hospital bed facing the back (which is in a complete sitting up position). You can also try squatting in the bathtub.

Hands and Knees

Moving into this position can be extremely relaxing, especially for women with intense back pain. It also allows your doula, midwife or labor coach to access your back for massage, which again, can be very helpful in managing labor pain.


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