Understanding Ectopic Pregnancy

Both medicine and surgery are viable options for treating an ectopic pregnancy. If found early enough, there are medications that can be used to treat the ectopic pregnancy before the fallopian tubes become further damaged. The most popular of these medications is called methotrexate, which is administered via an injection.

If not diagnosed within the first few weeks, surgery is usually the safer, more reliable option. Typically the surgery is laparoscopic; a tiny incision is made in the woman’s belly and a tool guided by a tiny camera is inserted to remove the egg.

Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

Losing a baby to an ectopic pregnancy can be as hard as any miscarriage. Women must allow themselves time to heal and grieve properly before trying for another pregnancy. Depression is a real concern after losing a baby at any stage of the pregnancy. If you feel you are suffering from depression, share your concerns with your doctor right away. You may have difficulty conceiving after an ectopic pregnancy, or you may have a repeated ectopic pregnancy depending on your risk factors. If you are considering conceiving again, discuss options with your doctor.

Ectopic pregnancies are serious and potentially life-threatening to the mother. Always get regular check-ups with your doctor, and if you feel any abnormal pregnancy symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

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