Infertility Help: Top 10 Infertility Tips

7. Investigate insurance coverage. It’s no secret that infertility treatment is expensive, and many policies won’t cover it. Many couples find it more cost effective to change insurance plans or save up for a few months before pursuing treatment.

8. Get support. Infertility treatment can be stressful, not only on you, but with your significant other. Many clinics offer psychological counseling in reproductive issues and infertility help for frustrated women. Take advantage of those appointments, or find your own support system. Resolve, INCIID and The American Fertility Association can direct you to reputable groups in your area.

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9. Take care of your sexual health. Don’t slack on your mammograms, pap smears or other gynecological testing. Some infections can impact your infertility, and you’ll want to be aware of changes in your reproductive organs as soon as they occur.

10. Evaluate your exposure to toxins. Quit smoking, using illegal drugs (if you use them), and cut back on alcohol if you’re serious about infertility help. You should also be aware of potential hazards in your home or work environment, like lead, radiation and other chemicals. Speak with your doctor about your concerns.

Nicole Galan is a registered nurse who has worked in private practice specializing in infertility issues.


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