The Pregnancy Belly Band: Why You Need it Now & Later

Pregnancy Belly Bands Galore!

What in the world is a (pregnant) girl to make of all the belly bands out there on the market? What are they good for and which ones do you need and when? You’re in luck, mommies-to-be, I’ve set out to figure out what these stretchy belly bands are all about.

Ingrid Isabel Everyday Black Size

It seems there are belly bands just perfect for those first few months you are pregnant, when your regular pants won’t quite button, snap or zip but maternity pants and denim are way too big. This band fits snug about your waist, concealing unzipped zippers and unbuttoned buttons, right on top of your pants. It will look like a sleek little tank top peeking out beneath your regular tops.

Second and Third Trimester Bands

On into your second and third trimesters, the belly band you’ll want to own will provide maximum comfort and support for your growing bump. This band should aid in easing back pain too. What a blessing, right?

Then there’s the multi-purpose pregnancy and postpartum belly band, it’s able to cover up unbuttoned jeans and pants in your first trimester, provide support in your second and third trimester and offer smoothing tummy coverage after you’ve had your baby, while nursing!

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