The Essential Baby Checklist

Taking Care of Baby

Taking care of a baby can be tough, but luckily, there are hundreds of products on the market designed to make it just a little bit easier. From diapers to bottles to pacifiers, the list of items you need for your newborn never seems to end. Here are three of the most important items you’ll need as soon as you bring your little one home.

1. A car seat. You quite literally can’t come home from the hospital with your newborn unless you have a car seat. Plus, with models that detach from a base that you can keep your car, your seat can double as a carrier when running errands or taking you baby out on the town with you. This will be one of your first – and most important – purchases as a new mom, so be sure to do your research.

2. Diapers. You’ll need these from day one, and you’ll go through thousands of them a year. Stock up now so you’ll never be caught without one when you need it! Are you the kind of mom who’s into saving money and preserving the environment? Consider reusable cloth diapers instead of the disposable kind.

3. Bottles. Even if you plan to breastfeed, having bottles around can make a big difference. You can fill a few up and keep them in the fridge for your husband to grab when it’s his turn to feed the baby in the middle of the night. Plus, giving dad a way to feed his baby can facilitate a great father-child bonding moment.

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