The Benefits of Childbirth Classes and How to Choose One


Preparing for Childbirth can be Scary

Preparing for childbirth is both exciting and scary, especially for first-time moms who may not know what to expect. There is, however, one place you can turn to get all your questions answered, childbirth education classes. There are some very real benefits to taking a childbirth education class, even if you’ve already had children.

  • Childbirth classes are taught by trained instructors who know everything there is to know about childbirth; they are uniquely qualified to answer just about any question you might have about the process.
  • Attending childbirth class with your partner can increase the bond between you.
  • Your partner will learn how to support you during childbirth, and how they can help you prepare for it.
  • The classes will build your confidence by giving you tools to help you through the process.
  • You will learn how to relieve your pain and how to relax before, during and after. They will also tell you about any medication options.
  • Classes taught at the hospital you’re planning on delivering at will help you learn your way around. You may even get to tour the labor and birth areas.

The benefits of a childbirth class are indisputable. However, there are a variety of different types of classes.

Lamaze International
Lamaze classes are the most popular of the childbirth classes. They teach that birth is a normal, healthy process, and they give mothers and partners the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. They cover normal labor and birth, as well as early and postpartum delivery. They show mothers how to position themselves for birth, and teach partners relaxation techniques, such as massage, in order to relieve pain. Lamaze classes also cover information about birth-related procedures, proper breastfeeding and how to lead a healthy lifestyle before and after birth to recover quickly.

The Bradley Method
The Bradley Method childbirth classes help women prepare for natural labor and delivery without the use of medication. This is a 12 week course that covers information such as the importance of exercise and nutrition, relaxation and pain relief techniques, delivery rehearsals, ways to avoid a cesarean, how to take care of yourself and the baby after delivery and how to breastfeed.

Hypnobirthing classes teach mothers how to remove their fear and tension in order to alleviate or prevent pain. They believe that intense relaxation will not only enhance the mother’s natural birthing instincts, but that it will lead to a calm and virtually pain free process.

Birthing From Within
The Birthing From Within classes prepare mothers and partners for a potentially difficult birth process or outcome. They offer holistic support before, during and after the birthing process. Each class is tailored to meet the specific needs of each mother.

No matter if this is your first child or your fourth, attending a childbirth education class is a great way to prepare for the delivery of your child. Finding the right class that offers you education on the kind of delivery you want is imperative. Don’t pick a natural birth class just because it’s convenient if you have no intention of having a natural birth. No matter what class you choose, remember to ask lots of questions and prepare for the arrival of your new child.

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