Safe Pregnancy Workouts for Mother and Baby

Pregnancy can make a woman more tired, but that does not mean she should rest the entire time. Exercise can help a pregnant woman regain energy, make her heart healthier, control weight gain and help her to feel better about herself. It can even reduce labor time later on.

Four fun, healthy and safe pregnancy workouts are explained below.

About Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Safe Pregnancy Workouts: Walking

Walking is one easiest and most safe pregnancy workouts. It is low-impact, which means it is easy on joints and bones, and it will improve cardiovascular health.

It can also be done for the entire length of the pregnancy. As a woman’s size increases, she should walk on smooth surfaces, be certain of her balance and watch out for obstacles.

Safe Pregnancy Workouts: Swimming

Swimming is on the list of safe pregnancy workouts because being in the water prevents a woman from falling on her stomach and injuring her unborn child. Water allows the woman a wider range of motion while taking pressure off joints.

Aside from swimming, a woman can walk, dance and do aerobic exercise in the pool. Pregnant women should avoid jumping or diving, as this has too strong of an impact on the abdomen.

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