Raising Baby: Mom’s Jewish and Dad’s Christian

Raising children in interfaith households

Figuring out a compromise each December between hanukkah and christmas is one thing for an interfaith household. Figuring out how to educate and raise children in an interfaith household can be a whole new ballgame that can bring heightened emotions from parents and extended family alike.

Susan Katz Miller, who is writing a book on raising dual-faith children, understands this issue from the perspective of a child and from the perspective of a mother. She and her husband are raising their children in an interfaith community and teaching them both Judaism and Christianity, the couple’s backgrounds.

“I think the biggest challenge is finding a religious pathway that makes both spouses feel comfortable while also experiencing religion as something that unites the family rather than dividing it,” she says.

Katz Miller says interfaith communities are springing up throughout the country and can be a good fit for interfaith families. Such communities are also good sources of support when dealing with extended family members who might have religious expectations for children.

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