Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

While not guaranteed to prevent stretch marks, many women swear by bio oils and cocoa butter. Palmers brand is a favorite and Amazon also has a variety to choose from.  If you don’t want to shell out the money on bio oils ““ or if you simply can’t stand the fragrances ““ a simple every day lotion is still a step in the right direction toward proper skin hydration.

Do everything that you can to spur collagen and elastin production and resiliency. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day ““ this will help to strengthen and renew your skin. Also, eat foods that are rich in Vitamin E, C, zinc and silica, such as swiss chard; spinach; tropical fruits; red bell peppers; oranges; celery; and peanuts.

how to prevent prevent stretch marks

Finally, exercise throughout your pregnancy ““ doing so will help to prevent stretch marks by increasing your circulation which helps to keep skin elastic. Make sure to participate in exercises that allow you to stay under your doctor’s recommended maximum heart rate and within his/her guidelines.

While there is no 100 percent guarantee that you will prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can increase your odds. If you do see stretch marks in spite of your best efforts, know that they will fade within the months following birth and over time. There are a variety of products available today, such as Mederma, that will aid in the reduction of stretch marks’ appearance and you can also consult your dermatologist. Finally, while it may seem cliché, it is true that once you welcome that new little bundle of love, the cosmetic reminders of your pregnancy will not bother you nearly as much as you think they will ““ in fact, you may even grow fond of the reminder of the precious time with your little one.

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