The Facts About Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga has become very popular and when combined with walking, it is one of the best ways for expectant moms to stay fit. It is also very easy on the joints while keeping muscles strong and improving circulation and balance.

Other benefits of yoga during pregnancy are explained below.

about pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Breathing Techniques

One of the main principles of yoga is learning how to breathe properly. Deep breathing helps the body to relax and deal with stress and tension, both of which will benefit the mother during labor. This consists of breathing in through the nose until the lungs are full and exhaling very slowly until the stomach relaxes. The technique is called “ujjayi”, and it is the first step of pregnancy yoga.

Pregnancy Yoga Poses

How much yoga a pregnant woman can accomplish will change as time progresses. Early on, there will be few restrictions but as girth increases, adjustments will have to be made. The woman should pay close attention to her balance and be sure to ask her pregnancy yoga instructor for alternatives to positions that cause her discomfort.

Generally, the pelvic tilt, cobbler’s pose, squatting and side-lying poses work well for pregnant women. The tree and warrior poses can ease the backache and sciatic pain that are common symptoms of pregnancy.

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