Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings ““ Do You Have These?

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third, there’s a good chance that you experience some very strong ““ and very strange ““ pregnancy cravings. Many moms-to-be find that they are craving food they never even enjoyed before they were pregnant. Chocolate with cheese, all sorts of fried and salty foods, and crazy ice cream flavor combinations may become the norm when dealing with those cravings that can pop up any time of day. While you can take care of those pregnancy cravings with some snacks and indulgences now and then, it’s still important to maintain a well-rounded diet.

Here are some celebrity pregnancy cravings that you might have yourself:

Fries Dipped in Milkshake

celebrity pregnancy cravings

When Angelina Jolie was pregnant with twins, she would head to her nearest In-and-Out burger to order fries to dip into a milkshake. Many moms have cravings for something sweet and salty, and while French fries dipped in a frothy milkshake sounds strange, it could help to kick those cravings to the curb.

Ice Cream with Hot Sauce

This is another sweet and salty combo that some celebrity moms swear is just heavenly. According to ABC News, Beyonce Knowles denies rumors that she “put ketchup on everything and liked ice cream with hot chili sauce”, and reportedly didn’t have cravings for anything crazy. However, ice cream with hot sauce could just be another variation for pregnancy cravings for extremely sweet and extremely salty foods.

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