Postpartum Belly Wraps, Bands & Tanks Work Wonders for You

Now that You’ve Given Birth

Now that you’ve given birth to that precious little baby, you can’t help wondering between feedings, fussing and fun fun fun diaper changes: will I ever get my pre-baby body back? Oh girl, you’re not alone in what seems like an impossible quest! Thank heavensĀ  for postpartum belly wraps, bands and tanks.

These true Godsends are designed with built-in compression panels that smooth and shape you beneath your normal clothes without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. They work a mini miracle on how you will look and feel about yourself. And you know what’s even greater? They often aid in getting everything back in place for the long run too, provided you stick to eating healthy and working out moderately. I’ve experienced this personally.

My Advice…

My advice, give yourself a couple weeks of comfy, soft and easy around-the-house PJs right after your new little bundle of joy arrives. Please put all your thought and energy into enjoying and caring for your sweet baby. Then, once it’s time to actually set out for a grocery store or Starbucks run, try wearing your compression wrap, band or tank of choice out and about beneath a loose fitting top. This is like a trial run. You can take it off when you get home.

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