Old Fashioned Baby Names Gain Steam Among New Parents

You might have already noticed the unexpected trend of maternity wards and retirement homes sharing a dramatic overlap in the first names of their occupants. Names that were once considered to be reserved exclusively for senior citizens and grandparents are now the top names for the world’s newest residents.

There is a revolution of vintage names happening today. Old fashioned baby names are dominating the list of current popular names and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

About Old Fashioned Baby Names

Old Fashioned Baby Names Claimed the Top Spots in 2012

2012’s most popular name for baby girls was Sophia. It doesn’t get much more antiquated than this Greek word for “wisdom.” The name reached epic popularity in the early 1900s and then faded away until the recent resurgence of its use among new parents.

Isabella and Elizabeth are two other old fashioned baby names that cracked the top ten list in 2012. Both names were popular among royalty dating back several centuries. We suspect, however, that parents are probably selecting the name Isabella in honor of Bella Swan from “Twilight” rather than Queen Isabella of Spain.

Baby boys are also being given classic titles as part of this trend towards old fashioned baby names. The names William and Alexander were among the most popular names given to babies in 2012. Both names certainly sound fit for a king.

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