What Do You Know About Hollywood Pregnancy Fashion Trends?

Hollywood Starlets Leading The Pregnancy Fashion Charge

The whole concept of staying fashionable throughout my pregnancy has been interesting. To be totally honest, I feared I would have to cancel my magazine subscriptions and stay off fashion websites for the duration. Low and behold though, one need not throw in the style towel as their bump groweth!  What gave me hope, you wonder? I turned to the incredibly chic masses of expecting Hollywood starlets for a little pregnancy fashion inspiration. That will get you up off your butt, combing what’s out there to stay on trend faster than you can say ‘bun in the oven’! Seriously, take note of what they’re wearing. And you’ll get an instant crash course in what flatters all the new curves you’re gaining during your pregnancy.

While devouring an online style site recently, I stumbled upon a photo of Natalie Portman that gave me utter and total hope.  All thanks to the lovely cream trapeze dress she wore to an event, pregnancy brain causes the specific event to elude me, sorry. Notice the beautiful openwork appliqué details through the shoulders and sleeves that draw your focus away from the bump itself””adore! And please, expecting mothers, note her gilded heels. No need to live in blah flip-flops throughout your entire 40 weeks of pregnancy, just elevate those toesies once you’re home!

I stumbled upon another pregnancy fashion article that included this endearing photo of Heidi Klum with a kid on the hip, a kid at her side and a wee one to come, which provided me with a crash course in baby bump proportions. In a single photo I learned: go fun and flowy on top in an animal-print tunic (note the feminine ruffle neckline too!) and sleek and slim on bottom, in black or dark wash skinny jeans. She finished this look with embellished flats, which is absolutely chic if that’s your thing. I would have worn a wedge.

Photographs Of Celebrity Moms Galore

There were photographs upon photographs of stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe while pregnant. This one happened to catch my attention””a chunky necklace and rocking leather jacket

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