Make Sinful Holiday Treats Pregnancy Safe

If you’re a holiday baker, follow the tips below for a healthier season. If you are staying away from the oven this year, check ingredients and ask your favorite bakery if they can make any of the following substitutions.

  1. Substitute half of the recipe’s oil with applesauce. A simple replacement of fatty oil does a world of difference in the nutritional value of the baked good. Not only is it healthy and lower in fat, but applesauce also increases the moistness of whatever food it is included in.
  2. Replace fattening heavy cream with something more forgiving. In some items, such as soups, you can exchange this ingredient for evaporated skim milk, but this poses a problem with the chemistry involved in baking. For baking, go with half and half cream. You’ll lessen the fat content without taking away from the sweetness or consistency.
  3. Swap out your butter. Most of us try to ignore how much butter goes into a recipe, but butter, after all, is fat. Try replacing half of the butter required in your recipe with an all-natural, low-fat margarine or spread. Simply look for varieties that mention they are ‘bake friendly.’ You will significantly reduce the amount of fat and feel a little bit less guilty about enjoying that extra cookie or two.

One last note, these substitutions will have different results depending on the recipe. You may also try to substitute more than one item per recipe, but again, results will vary. Be prepared for some trial and error. Your holiday baking may take longer this year, but in the end, you’ll have new healthy recipes you can use for years to come.


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