How to Prepare for Your Post-Baby Body!

A Slim Figure Just After Giving Birth?

With the help of nutritionists and fitness trainers, many celebrities are hitting the red carpet with slim figures just a few weeks after giving birth – a phenomenon that can mask the noticeable changes that affect a new mom’s body.

Physique. It generally takes about two months for women to return to the their pre-pregnancy weight. Even as they shed the pounds, some ladies will notice that excess loose skin remains.

Hair. Thanks to high levels of estrogen, pregnant women have lustrous, thick locks of hair, but as these hormone levels begin to drop after delivery, many moms lose more strands than usual. After about six months, things return to normal.

Feet. The pressure exerted by the weight gained during pregnancy can cause the feet to swell. This is temporary for many women who eventually return to their former shoe size, but some will have larger feet permanently.

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