How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

When thinking about having a baby, the brain often conflicts with the heart ““ on the one side, you know that babies are adorable and will bring unfathomable amounts of joy to your life; but on the other, babies ““ and kids ““ are not exactly known for being cheap. So exactly how much does it cost to have a baby?

While everyone’s situation is a bit different, the below presents an itemized estimate of costs over the first year:

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

Pre-baby’s arrival (not including medical care):

Crib $350
Bedding $50
Bottles $20
Baby monitor $140
Receiving blankets/swaddle wraps $20
Travel system (with stroller and carseat) $400
Rocker/glider $400

                                                                  Subtotal:       $1,380

Ongoing monthly costs (not including medical care):

Clothing $60
Food (solids to begin at four-six months of age) $40
Toys $40
Pharmacy (Saline drops, acetaminophen, vitamin D drops, diaper rash cream, bathing items) $40
Diapers $50
Wipes $10

                                                                  Subtotal:       $240 (monthly)
$2,880 (annual)

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