5 Tips to Increase IVF Success

4) Find Support and Try to Relax

Couples who undergo an IVF procedure may find themselves overwhelmed and stressed. The emotional health of the couple can play a role in IVF success, so couples should look for support through therapy groups or by meeting with a counselor. Talking with others who have also gone through the procedure can help a couple discuss both their fears and hopes. One study has shown that women who attended stress-management classes had a higher chance of conceiving through IVF than women who had not attended the classes. Another study showed that women who laughed immediately after the IVF procedure were twice as likely to become pregnant than those who did not. Researchers had a clown visit half of the women in the study for 15 minutes after an IVF procedure, while the other half did not visit with the clown. Results showed that women who visited with the clown were less stressed and more likely to conceive. Although more research needs done, there does appear to be a direct connection between stress and difficulty conceiving. Couples can also find ways to relax at home through aromatherapy, massage, yoga, reading or other leisure activities.

5) Use Natural Techniques

Some alternative methods to improve IVF success include herbal vitamins and acupuncture. While some studies suggest that acupuncture improves the odds of conceiving during IVF, one study did not show a large difference between women who received acupuncture and those who did not. However, the studies do show that women who received acupuncture treatment were generally less anxious and more optimistic. Women who choose to use herbal treatments or acupuncture should first consult with their physician to discuss the risks and benefits.

IVF success is largely based on the woman’s age, as well as the couple’s health and individual fertility problems. However, the rates of success can be improved if the couple follows a healthy lifestyle, manages stress and finds a specialist who is experienced and knowledgeable.


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