How to Pack the Diaper Bag for Summer Outings With Baby

Having a Locked and Loaded Diaper Bag

Having a diaper bag full of essentials for baby is a must for any summer outing. You can take your baby anywhere in the summer as long as you have packed the correct items. Plan ahead for mini-disasters but do not go overboard. Lugging around a super heavy bag can put a damper on any hot summer day.


Be sure to carry sunscreen with you in a diaper bag.  This important essential should be applied before leaving the house and continually throughout the day. Babies have very sensitive skin and even if your family’s skin tone is darker, your baby could get a sunburn. Do not forget the hidden places, like toes, ears and back of neck. Babies under six months of age are generally not recommended to be in direct sunlight.


After applying sunscreen, use a second defense. A cute wide brimmed hat for your baby is a great thing to stuff in a diaper bag. It takes up little escape and can keep the harm

Photo Credit: Julien Haler from Flickr

ful sun’s rays out of their new eyes. A hat will also protect the scalp from your baby’s scalp getting sunburned.

Insect Repellent

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