Do Celebrity Baby Names Belong Outside of Hollywood?

Celebrity Baby Name Mania

Every so often, thanks to paparazzi, a celebrity baby bump is spotted in Hollywood. The obsession begins and fans follow every step the expectant mother takes. From shopping for baby clothes to secret baby showers nestled in Beverly Hills, a famous woman is watched her entire pregnancy the moment she steps out of her home. The expectant newborn is already a celebrity and its arrival will be eagerly anticipated by everyone. Once the baby is born, the happy parents will issue a statement and announce the birth of their baby as well as what they chose to call their child. This is when the line between celebrities and us common folk becomes very clear. After all, Pilot Inspektor,like Jason Lee’s son’s name, might not fair well in our land.

Why celebrities decide to choose strange and very unique baby names will never make sense to some of us. What we can do is ooh and aah over how cool it must be to be named Suri or Harlow.  Celebrity baby names have the need to stand out more than children of, um, kind of “boring” parents.  Suri, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter has paparazzi following her every move, so her name better be unique. With excitement that came along with Katie Holmes’ pregnancy, the world was waiting. Upon hearing the name, Suri, Mr. & Mrs. Cruise delivered.

Should You Name Your Child With a Celebrity Name?

If you are thinking about making a popular celebrity baby name your own, think again. The posh world of Victoria and David Bechkam is not the same as the world of average kids. Brooklyn,Romeo and Cruz will no doubt be just as cool as their parents, but how would those names fly in your neighborhood? Kids are cruel. When your son, hypothetically of course, enters school, how will their name be received?

It is true that a lot of parents want their children to be confident and not conform to social pressures. Let’s face it, in the midst of severe bullying, how would your kid hold up as Sparrow or Apple? Kids are cruel and become very creative when rhyming insulting songs with a name that may seem “cool”. When choosing your child’s name, be kind. They will live with it for the rest of their lives and sometimes a celebrity baby name is just that, and meant for only celebrities.


Favorite Celebrity Baby Names

In no special order, these are by far my favorite celebrity baby names.

1. Alabama Gypsy Rose of Drea de Matteo and Shooter Jennings

2. Sage Moonblood of Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack

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