A Quick Look at Caring for Your Baby’s Bottom

Babies have Sensitive Skin

Babies have sensitive skin everywhere, but moms must be especially careful around little ones’ bums. Ever heard the expression “soft as a baby’s bottom”? Well, their bottoms only stay that way if you take good care of them! Diaper rash is a real problem for infants – here’s what you can do to protect your baby, according to BabyCenter and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Babies are most likely to develop diaper rash if they stay in a dirty diaper for too long, but even babies who are changed regularly can be at risk. Although diaper rash isn’t dangerous, it can be quite painful for babies and can lead to a fussy, crying infant, which is equally painful for parents.

To make sure your baby’s bum is protected, be thorough with every diaper change. Make sure you dry his bottom completely, since moisture left behind can be a big cause of rashes. Pat dry, don’t rub, as rubbing can irritate skin.

If your baby has especially sensitive skin, the diaper itself could actually be the problem – make sure you get gentle diapers with no added fragrances or chemicals that could irritate his delicate skin.

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