Breastfeeding for Working Moms

“That one tip made life a lot easier,” she says. “I could work on my laptop or read a magazine easily while I pumped.”

Eisele cut holes in a sports bra to be hands-free. Other times she balanced the pump cones between two shirts. Hands-free pumping bras are also available online.

Store your milk

Eisele used a cooler with ice to keep her milk fresh throughout the day and left it in the bathroom between pumping sessions. Derby used a soft-sided, insulated bag to keep her milk in her office refrigerator.

Manning says at first she was shy about storing her milk in the office refrigerator, but got over that. She says either a refrigerator or a cooler are good storage for pump parts.

“Leave your pump parts in the cooler during the day, too,” she says. “Because then you won’t have to rinse them out after every pumping session”“as long as they stay cool enough.”

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