Anemia During Pregnancy: Treatment and Types

Treatment for anemia depends on the kind and severity. Iron deficiency anemia is usually treated with iron supplements, while other forms of the condition may be best treated with a different approach. The woman’s overall health, preferences and the extent of the condition will all be considered before a doctor suggests specific treatment options.

Pregnancy anemia is best prevented by maintaining a healthy diet and proper nutrition. Do not eliminate any food groups while pregnant and be sure to consume enough meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and grains. Taking a pre-natal vitamin and then a good multi-vitamin while pregnant will also help prevent anemia.

The best way to deal with anemia is to not get it in the first place. Left untreated while pregnant, anemia can cause low birth weight, preterm delivery and poor fetal growth which could result in birth defects. Always discuss supplements with your doctor, and discuss any nutrition concerns early in your pregnancy.

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