Top 8 Pre-Term Labor Risks and Top 5 Pre-Term Labor Symptoms

Be Aware Of Pre-Term Labor Symptoms

Every pregnant woman, and those especially at risk, should be aware of pre-term labor symptoms. Pre-term labor is one that begins before 37 weeks of gestation. Babies born prematurely are too young and will need additional supportive care, sometimes for the rest of their life. Some babies even face severe or life-threatening complications when born very prematurely.

Who is at risk for pre-term labor?
Anyone is at risk for developing pre-term labor, though women with the following factors have a much higher risk:

1• Lack of prenatal care
2• Use of alcohol or drugs, including nicotine
3• Stress and long periods of time on her feet
4• Certain infections
5• Diabetes
6• Preeclampsia (high blood pressure)
7• Obesity
8• Short time between pregnancies (less than six to nine months)

What are pre-term labor symptoms?
Pre-term labor symptoms include the following:

1• Regular contractions
2• Lower back discomfort
3• Cramps, similar to menstrual cramps
4• Gush or trickle of flow from the vagina
5• Pelvic pressure, that feels like baby is pushing down

Early Intervention Is The Key To Avoiding Pre-Term Labor

If you are going into pre-term labor, early intervention is the key to having a good outcome. Many of the possible treatments need time to be effective, so the sooner you notify your physician of a potential problem, the sooner they can intervene to help your baby.

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