How to Soothe a Crying Baby

If making these changes doesn’t help, check other possible causes ““ does she seem bored? Try a little playtime and see how she responds. Could she be over stimulated or tired? Too much activity can be overwhelming to a young nervous system. Try moving her to a quiet, darkened room with minimal stimulation.

Body Language

Check out her body language for important hints. If baby is pulling her knees into her chest and she just ate, she might be gassy or have tummy pains. Try gently moving her legs in a bicycling motion to help her move the gas around and expel it. If this happens frequently, mention it to the doctor at her next visit; babies sometimes have food intolerances that can be fixed by switching formulas or changing their diets.

Crying Baby

If baby is rubbing her eyes, she might be sleepy. Rubbing her mouth or rooting often means that she’s hungry.

A newborn will require different soothing techniques than a baby who is a year old. Most newborns’ needs are very basic; they need to be fed and feel comfortable. They like to be swaddled, held and rocked because they find the movement comforting. Older babies are easier to distract with play, smiles and soothing words.

Remain Calm

Most importantly, if what you are doing isn’t working, do not let yourself get frustrated or lose control. Hand baby off to your calmer spouse, partner, relative or friend and leave the room to cool off. Many sleepy parents can feel just as upset their crying babies! If handing the baby off is not an option, gently place her in her crib, a secured chair or swing and leave the room to cool off. Not only is this okay, but it is preferable to losing control and hitting or shaking the baby. Never strike or shake a baby.

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