Your Guide to Reselling Maternity Clothes Successfully

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Reselling Maternity Clothes

Reselling maternity clothes is a fantastic way to recoup some of the money you have spent and pass on clothing to a new mom-to-be. After you have had your baby and are slowly getting back into regular clothing, you may wonder how you can successfully resell your old maternity clothes. With the prices of maternity clothing being particularly expensive in some areas, there is a large market for gently used maternity clothing.

Make Sure the Clothing is in Good Condition

When women buy used clothing, they still want something that looks nearly brand new. Examine all of your maternity clothes for any signs of tears or stains. When you are reselling maternity clothes, the items should be in gently used condition. This means no obvious stains, rips or holes. Some detergents have a powerful perfume smell that is hard to remove, which can detract potential buyers. Wash all of your items in a laundry detergent that is fragrance-free.

Do Your Research

You may have spent a ton on designer maternity clothing, but you can’t always expect to receive as much in return. Some designer clothing may be highly desirable, while less known brands may not sell as well. Do your research before you sell the items or take them to a consignment store. Locate the brand name and type of item you want to sell, and then do a quick search on eBay to see how much the items are selling for. When you are reselling maternity clothes, you want to make sure the items are priced fairly, but also that you are getting what they are worth.

Selling Maternity Clothes Yourself

Reselling maternity clothes yourself has both benefits and disadvantages. You can choose to either sell your items as one large lot, pair outfits to sell, or sell each item separately. This can increase the money you make, since you will be able to price the items to what you think they are worth. However, it can take time to sell each item and if you use an auction site or pay for ads in the paper, the fees can add up. If you want to resell maternity clothing yourself, try placing in ad in your local classifieds or list the items on craigslist or Avoid scams by making sure the buyer is seriously interested and request payment via Paypal before you ship items. Paypal protects both the buyer and seller from scams by making sure the seller receives her money and the buyer receives her items.

Selling Clothes to a Consignment Store

Reselling maternity clothes to a consignment store is an easier way to avoid the hassle of listing and shipping items yourself. You will get the money for the clothing right away; however, it may not always be as much as you expected. Start by finding consignment stores in your area that accept maternity clothing. and both have searchable directories, so you can search by your zip code or state to find the locations nearest you. Call each place to make sure they do accept maternity clothing. If you can’t find a location near you, consider selling the clothing through an online consignment store, such as

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