Your Guide to Being Stylish in Nursing Wear

A Few Tricks of the Trade

There are a few tricks of the trade I’ve picked up pertaining to staying stylish as a newly nursing mommy that I thought I should share. ┬áIt’s my utmost desire to keep you feeling confident and gorgeous as you too embark on this important breastfeeding journey.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are vital when it comes to avoiding embarrassing moments. Trust me on this. Even if you’ve just fed baby, pre-stepping out, out of nowhere, BAM! you’ll feel your milk coming in and if you’re not careful, see it leaking through both your bra and your top. So spare your outfit AND yourself the embarrassment of leaking all over the place for the world see. That’s the very best piece of post-baby style advice I can give you. I personally stocked up on the machine washable and reusable nursing pads myself.

A Nursing Cover in a Cool Print

Fact is, you WILL find yourself out and about with a very hungry infant at some point. You’ll try everything to calm them, and nothing under the sun will work, -except feeding them-. So, be certain to acquire one or two nursing covers in prints or hues you love, then stash them in baby’s diaper bag.

Great-fitting & Feminine Nursing Bras

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