Your First Prenatal Visit

From discovering you are in fact pregnant to coping with early symptoms, the beginning stages of pregnancy are undoubtedly exciting, but can also be quite overwhelming if you don’ t know what to expect.

Here, we’ll arm you with tips and information about one of the most important parts of early pregnancy, the initial exam.

What to Expect: The First Prenatal Appointment

During your first prenatal visit, a nurse will usually take your weight, blood pressure and complete a very thorough medical history, so you and your health care provider can discuss any impacts on your pregnancy and develop a care plan. The next nine months will be full of questions, exams and visits, so get comfortable and be sure to share everything.

You should also expect a vaginal exam. The doctor will examine the cervix and possibly conduct a pap test. Most obstetricians can predict how far along in a pregnancy a patient is after a physical exam of the uterus. As such, you can also expect the doctor to give you an estimated due date.

Often an ultrasound will be performed in order to visually examine the uterus and see/hear the baby’s heartbeat if you are far enough along in the pregnancy. Be prepared for this exciting moment as it will surely evoke an array of emotions.

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