Your Baby: Reducing Holiday Stress


If your usually happy and outgoing baby refuses to be held by other people, do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal when in a new situation or new place. Unfortunately, you may end up holding your baby the entire party because that is where he or she will feel most secure.

baby holiday stress

“It was shocking when my 9 month old would refuse to be held by anyone — even her Grandmother! All I could do was hold her and remember that in a few years she will be running around and hardly need my comfort, what is one party?” -Ariel, NYC


If you have travel gear like a travel swing, take this along to a holiday gathering if possible. Just ask the host first, most will be accommodating. If your baby enjoys a swing or bouncy seat on an average day, keep this part of their day and routine.

” I remember my son’s first Christmas. He napped in a travel baby swing. It was a lifesaver and helped us all enjoy the holiday. The extra money spent on a piece of gear to help my baby survive the holidays was more than worth it!” – Maya, New Jersey


The festive spirit can be too much for a tiny baby to handle. If bombarded with toys and presents, your child may be overwhelmed and confused. Loud music and bright flashing lights can also leave a baby feeling stressed. If your baby begins to seem unable to adjust, find a quiet room to help him or her decompress.

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