Your Baby: Reducing Holiday Stress

The holidays are stressful on all of us, even the smallest members of your family. Traveling, missed naps and over-stimulation can cause your baby’s mood to head in the wrong direction. We asked moms around the country for their advice on avoiding major meltdowns during the season of cheer. The most important tip: Stick to the routine as much as possible.


baby holiday stress

Arrange family visits or drop-ins at holiday parties around your baby’s nap schedule. Your baby’s need to nap is biological, and there is no good that comes from skipping naps. If you try to mess with the schedule, plan for crying and fussiness.

“We attended a holiday party and did not make my son’s nap a priority. Boy did we pay for it. He did not enjoy the party, nor did any of us. A couple years later when his brother was born, we accepted invitations only if they worked for us, as a family.” – Sara, Philadelphia


Pack your baby’s favorite foods in the diaper bag. If your baby is already eating solids, do not experiment with new foods during this time or assume there will be appropriate food at the party. If your child is finicky and refusing to eat, do not worry. The excitement at a party or family event is often more interesting than food.  Offer liquids and nurse as often as needed.

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