Will IVF and Stress During the Holidays Complicate Your Pregnancy?

Will IVF and stress complicate your holidays – and your future pregnancy? Read more to find out at Maternity.com.

As an infertility nurse, I’ve counseled a number of couples through the IVF process, and almost always, patients are surprised at how involved it can be. An IVF cycle takes a great deal of time and commitment. IVF and stress tend to go hand in hand, and those feels of agitation and nervousness are sincerely bolstered during the holidays.

IVF and Stress During the Holidays

Patients should clear their schedule and make the IVF cycle a priority, but is this possible during a busy holiday month? The answer depends entirely on you. I understand the temptation to start a cycle immediately because you are anxious to get pregnant. But it’s important to start at a time when you can fully commit to the process and be available to your clinic.

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