When Will My Baby Walk?

Can I get my baby walking sooner?

It is important not to rush your baby as there is much more to this milestone than just the physical steps. In fact, there are three factors that affect when a baby will walk; muscle strength, balance and temperament. All three factors need developing and maturing, but temperament is often to blame when a baby is happy just crawling and procrastinates when it comes to walking. Temperament is a deeply ingrained part of your child’s personality and is unlikely to change. Thus, patience is important.

Baby learning to walk

Rather than rushing your child, encourage his or her exploration and movement of any kind. Whatever your child’s preferred method of getting around, whether it is commando crawling or scooting, these movements are an important part of your child’s development. Don’t make such movements have a negative association for your child. Instead, encourage any type of pre-walking because it will help your child build confidence and eventually become a hands free walker.

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