What Happens When Infertility Treatment Doesn’t Work?

The Infertility Journey

There comes a point in some couple’s infertility journey that they choose to no longer continue receiving treatment.  Many couples must face the difficult challenge of choosing what to do after infertility treatment does not work.  This may be due to economic or psychological, moral or religious reasons. Whatever the cause, making the decision to stop leaves the couple in a place where they need to determine what to do next. There are many options available to couples in this situation. Read on for more information.


Adoption is the process of taking in and raising a child as your own. Whether you choose domestic or foreign adoption, you’ll need a central resource to guide you through the process. Each option, state or country will have their own steps that must be followed, and requirements that must be met. Check out the National Adoption Clearinghouse for information on all of the issues surrounding adoption.

Foster Care

Providing foster care for kids in need of shelter or a place to stay is a way for a couple to provide support for the kids who need it the most. There are, however, strict guidelines in place before you can become a foster parent. Check out the Children’s Aid Society or your state department of social services for more information about the requirements and to see if you qualify.

Keep in mind that while incredibly rewarding, it can be very difficult to have children come and go, especially if they are going back to a poor situation.

Embryo Adoption

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