A Quick Look at What to Wear to Work While Pregnant

It can be Difficult for Pregnant Women

It can be very difficult for extremely pregnant women to feel comfortable at
work with so many dos and don’ts restricting the fashion style of a formal
workplace. Pregnancy is a very natural and beautiful experience, and there are
ways to look your best even if you don’t feel 100 percent comfortable showing
off your baby belly.

In the very early stages of pregnancy (1 – 3 months), most women will be able
to sport their usual styles and won’t experience significant weight gain. Though
you’ll be able to wear pre-pregnancy clothing, investing in a comfortable skirt
or pair of black pants can help get you through the day when you’re feeling ill
or like you don’t look your best.

Have you ever confused a slightly overweight woman with a pregnant one? There
are three major stages in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Women, as discussed
already, generally look like their normal selves in the beginning. Near the end
(6 – 9 months), hiding a baby bump is impossible, and it becomes clear that a
woman is expecting. Those three months in the middle can be especially tricky

If you haven’t yet told your boss or co-workers about the baby, invest in a
few over sized dresses in classic styles to avoid questions about your gradual
weight gain. After a certain point, it will become necessary to wear maternity
clothing items.
High-waist stretch pants aren’t what they used to be. Many
stores now offer extremely fashionable choices for pregnant ladies, so you can
look good from conception to delivery!

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