What to Really Expect: Three Month Milestones

Young Children Develop Extremely Fast

Young children develop at extremely fast-paced rates in the first year of their lives, and a lot happens in the first three months after being born. If your little one has recently hit the three-month milestone mark, she is no longer considered a newborn and has entered into the world of infanthood! By this point you have had time to recognize the unique traits of your little girl, and you’ve probably noticed that she has begun to develop certain habits.

Although you probably can’t look forward to a period of completely restful nights, your daughter may begin to sleep for longer periods of time (and develop a more unique and personalized bedtime pattern). You might even notice that she prefers to hear certain lullabies over others before drifting off to sleep (for a few hours!). She should also be more comfortable with sleeping at routine times throughout the day, making it easier to plan trips and outdoor chores.

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