How To Deal With Baby Stains

Baby Stains Vs. Mommy

I have a new niece arriving in a few weeks and I’m thrilled! Not only because our family is growing, but also because it gives us the opportunity to give a good home to all the baby girl clothes in our attic.

I’ve been sifting through box upon box of items from frilly dresses to cheap onesies and determining what should be passed on and what should be trashed. Sadly, many items have stains on them rendering them un-passable.

As a mom of 3, I’ve seen my share of baby stains. One was a pooper, another was a spitter and all three were (and still are) sloppy eaters.

Dealing With Baby Stains

There are two ways to deal with baby stains: Prevent them and treat them.

I was never a lover of bibs. When they were babies I hated having bibs coving their cute little outfits. When they were still in the “spit-up stage” we did sacrifice a few nice pieces in the name of fashion. When they were old enough to need bibs for feeding themselves, all three of them would pull them off every single time. I finally gave up. So when we ate at home, I just took off their shirts and let them get messy since they took baths right after dinner anyway. It was easier than having “The Battle of the Bib”.

The Most Memorable Stain

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