What OBs Usually Say About Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Obstetricians (Obs) know a lot about early pregnancy symptoms. They have not only had the learning that goes along with earning the title of OB which prepares them for thoroughly understanding the topic of Obstetrics but they have heard from countless pregnant women over the years complain about early pregnancy symptoms. Thus, Obs, hear pregnant women talk about early pregnancy symptoms and they understand why the symptoms they describe are indeed related to pregnancy. Therefore, what Obs say about early pregnancy symptoms is knowledgeable and useful information to all pregnant women.

The Most Common Pregnancy Symptom

The most common pregnancy symptoms that Ob professionals hear about from patients is that they have missed a period. They also have women with irregular periods that do not recognize a “missed period” due to pregnancy. The next symptoms that an Ob may hear about when seeing a female patient regarding a possible pregnancy is that she is experiencing a need to urinate more frequently, may be extremely tired, or have been having bouts of nausea or vomiting.  Occasionally a woman may come into the office complaining of breast tenderness as an early pregnancy symptom.

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