What Happens Immediately After Having a C-section?

Recovery After a C-Section Birth can be Challenging

Recovery after a c-section birth can be challenging. Taking proper care and avoiding doing things on the “no no” list will help lead to a full and speedy recovery. Always follow doctors order when recovering after a cesarean birth. This is considered major surgery and requires careful attention in order to heal properly.

Many women are unaware of the actual process that occurs after having a c-section in the hospital. Talk to you OB or midwife to minimize any fears or anxieties about having this surgery.  Do not head to the hospital without being aware of what will happen the first 48 hours after giving birth. Being prepared will keep your mind ready for healing so you can bond with your baby.

Immediately After Giving Birth

Time in the recovery room will depend on the woman, type of epidural and doctors orders. Usually after an hour or so, the recovery nurse may ask if you can move your legs. During this time you may feel groggy or sleepy due to the body’s response to medication or epidural. Although you will be anxious to see your baby, relax and try to rest for this is key to healing.

After being cleared from recovery, nurses will wheel you to a postpartum room. Since a catheter is still in place, there is no need to get out of bed the first few hours. Your nurse will instruct you when to sit, stand and even urinate. Do not worry, your baby will be brought to you as soon as you request. If you prefer, your husband can go with your newborn while you recover.

The first 24 hours

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