Don’t Lay Down – Try These Childbirth Positions

Sitting on a chair, backwards in a chair or on a birthing ball also utilizes the pull of gravity to help the baby descend. Any type of chair will do rocking chair, hospital chair or kitchen chair. By sitting backwards (i.e. facing the back of the chair with your legs straddling it), you can also have your support team massage your back to help you relax.

On Your Side

Discover the best childbirth positions

Lying down may be necessary, especially if the doctor/ nurse/midwife is concerned about your blood pressure or the baby getting enough oxygen during contractions. Try lying on your side. This is one of the childbirth positions that helps to take pressure off the baby and large blood vessels and can be helpful in these situations. It’s also more comfortable than lying on your back if you’ve had an epidural.

On Your Back

Either completely flat or semi-reclined, this is one of the most frequently used childbirth positions used in hospitals. Unfortunately though, this position is usually the least comfortable, especially for women with back labor. It can be helpful though in the beginning of labor when the pain isn’t too intense of if you’ve had an epidural.

Understanding and using the different childbirth positions can make a big difference in accelerating your labor, making your pushes (and contractions) more effective. Always discuss various options with your doctor and prepare your body.

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