What are My Diaper Options?

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The shear amount of diaper options that are available to mothers is absolutely astounding. Each option now caters to different aspects of family life, the way parents diaper their children really has changed. It can be confusing to decide what kind of diaper is best for your baby and family alike. The best way to decide is to choose what is important to you and weigh the priorities.

Types of Cloth Diapers

  • All in One – This is the cloth alternative which is most similar to a disposable diaper. The name states it all- All one piece with no extras  to remove or wash. Due to a thicker and permanent attachment, this cloth diaper takes longer to dry than others. This choice in diaper options is the most convenient and often the most expensive.
  • Pocket – This diaper mimics a AIO (All in one) but it contains a space to insert absorbent material. There is a pocket designed to add the type of liner you prefer and this cloth option can be taken apart.  With less drying time than regular cloth alternatives, a pocket diaper is a two part system.
  • Fitted – This cloth option is not waterproof and often made from scratch with cloth found in your home. This style is also offered by many cloth diaper companies. Offering a more tailored fit, this one also requires a waterproof diaper cover.
  • Prefold – A prefold diaper is a rectangular piece of cloth divided into 3 sections. The outside layers contain 4 layers of fabric and the middle contains either 6 or 8 layers. The middle layer is also the absorbent layer. This style will require a bit of practice to get the hang of folding properly, but prefolds also take the least amount of time to dry.

Types of Disposable Diapers

  • Disposable – This is a very popular choice of diaper among parents. A one time use, after baby wets it can be thrown away. Offering a very thin diaper takes up less space while providing a high level of absorbency.
  • Eco-Friendly Disposables – Some disposable diaper companies are now producing diapers without the potentially harmful ingredients found in other brands. Eliminating dyes and chemicals these diapers are also create to be bio-degradable. This option is much more expensive but suitable for the parent who is concerned about saving the earth while providing baby with a high quality diaper.
  • Natural Disposables – Using more natural ingredients, these diapers often have a combination of man made materials and natural fibers like cotton. A very expensive option, these diaper are not treated with chemicals and often contain less dyes and fragrances that can irritate a baby’s bottom.

Choosing the best diaper options for your baby will depend on a number of factors. Price, absorbency, convenience and maintenance are the most common predictors in choosing a diapering system for your child.

What is important to you? The earth? Can you keep up with the washing of clothes diapers? Tell us what diaper options worked best for your baby and why!

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