What are Maternity Tunics: Why Should I wear Them?

Dress or Top

Typically the maternity tunic is worn as a dress in the first trimester because the belly is not yet large enough to expand past the normal waistline. By the time a woman is in her third trimester, the tunic is
definitely worn as a top and not a dress. The maternity tunic dress is perfectly paired with compression tights, or maternity tights.

Maternity Tunics can make quite the fashion statement when they come with a sash are embellished with jewelry or are designed by maternity tunic fashion designers like John Lewis, Harry Duley, Laredoute or DorothyPerkins. They can be sleeveless, empire line, scoop neck or V neck or tucked. They can be frilly or be covered in stripes. Today’s pregnant woman does not need to hide her maternity clothing; she can flaunt it and her baby bump.

The Final Case for Maternity Tunics

Why should pregnant women wear maternity tunics? The best answer to this question is comfort and style. Maternity tunics are designed with comfort in mind but because today’s pregnant woman demands to be stylish too she can wear a maternity tunic or maternity tunic dress any day or night and when paired with maternity leggings or maternity jeans she will be comfortable in warm or colder weather and turn heads for how stylish and fashionable she looks.

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