4 Great Ways to Comfort During Baby’s First Cold

Nothing is Worse than Baby’s First Cold

There is almost nothing worst than your baby’s first cold. Listening and watching your baby cough, sneeze or cry can be difficult. Colds can also last up to 10 days and seem worse than they are. Since a baby cannot tell you his symptoms look for increased crankiness and lethargy. While only two of the many symptoms of a baby’s cold, this are usually the first to be noticed. While there are no medications approved for infants to treat colds, it is best to use these following remedies to help your child.

Of course always call your pediatrician when your child is sick. Even if it is a sniffle, check with a medical professional to be sure it is not anything more serious.

1) Humidifier

This piece of equipment puts mist into the air to create a moist environment. A problem that babies encounter is they are unable to blow their noses. This is frustrating because when you baby has their first cold a good nose blow always seems like it could help. Keep the humidifier running at night to keep mucus and nasal drainage moist. This will make it easier to breathe and clear out.

2) Saline Drops

Saline drops consist of salt water in a bottle. These are non medicated and can work wonder. Lie your baby on its back in you lap and gently squeeze one drop in each nostril. Be warned they will not appreciate this and will most likely squirm. This will keep the nasal membranes moist and avoid painful dryness.

3) Elevation

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