Warming Trends: The Right Maternity Coat

It’s cold out, and staying warm is doubly important now, but can you still look chic in a flattering winter coat or are you destined to be swallowed whole by wool?

Do not, and I repeat do not, simply opt for your hubby’s way-too-big and awkward jacket or purchase a coat two sizes too big to accommodate your growing belly. There are maternity coats that fit beautifully,  flatter your new physique and keep you and baby cozy and warm.

The maternity peacoat is flattering and sophisticated

Look for these common coat/jacket silhouettes for a fit that both complements your pregnancy curves and allows you room to grow.

1. The trench coat. This is a no brainer. With a self-tie belt, you can adjust how the tightness and the position of the belt to maximize comfort.  For style, I recommend belting above the bump.

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