The Best Vitamins During Pregnancy

Vitamins During Pregnancy: Calcium & Vitamin D

Unfortunately,prenatal vitamins do not contain the government recommended level of calcium. Most contain 250 300 mg. In reality you need between 1,200 1,500mg to support your pregnancy. You should take your calcium along with at least 400 I.U. of Vitamin D.

Taking them together gives your body the best chance to absorb the nutrients.

Vitamins During Pregnancy to Take

Vitamins During Pregnancy: Iron & Vitamin C

You need at least 49 mg of Iron each day. It’s easy to become anemic during pregnancy, and taking a daily iron supplement will prevent that. Iron also helps transport oxygen around your body and gives you energy when you feel wiped out. However,iron doesn’t absorb easily. To fix this, take a Vitamin C supplement along with the iron. You need at least 85mg of C each day.

Choosing which vitamins during pregnancy you should take doesn’t have to be stressful. The vitamins included in our list are arguably the most essential for a healthy pregnancy. Talk to your obstetrician about combining them with, or using them to replace your prenatal multivitamin.

You can even ask your OB to give you a chart that shows the recommended dosage for each nutrient. Just make sure that the supplements you take are easy for your body to absorb: think chewables, liquids, or soft gels.

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